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Brand Proffesional
Tunjukan kemampuan coaching dan keahlianmu
Jual Jasa Coaching
Taruh apa yang kamu bisa bantu untuk client-clientmu
Coach's Mobile Apps
Manage dan urus client kamu melalui HP kamu
Bangun brand Coaching professional mu

Tidak perlu kamu menyebarkan resume, instagram, atau file pdf lain untuk menunjukan kemampuan coaching kamu dengan client.

Miliki aplikasi coachmu sendiri

Aplikasi kamu akan membantu coach untuk bisa manage karir coachingnya. Mulai dari pengurusan client, progress, dan lainnya.

  • bebas Waktu

    kamu memiliki kebabsan untuk menentukan kapan mau coaching atau tidak. Tidak ada minimum atau kewajiban,

  • bebas Service

    kamu tentukan sendiri jasa yang ingin kamu jual, personal training, online coaching, sesuai kemampuan kamu.

  • bebas Keputusan

    pikirkan page ini seperti page facebook kamu. apa yang kamu post dan tentukan itu semuanya bebas dari kamu!

Semua untuk fee
yang ringan

wellnez tidak ingin menyembunyikan apa apa. Kami hanya menerima fee jika kamu mendapat client, untuk memaintain website kami.


untuk ditampilakn di website wellnez. contact kami untuk membuat page kamu.

per bulan

kami hanya mendapat fee apabila kamu mendapat client

Frequently Asked Questions
When a Client is interested with your profile, he/she will browse your services and will press the "ask me" button. The client will login and submit his/her general information and we will forward that info to your email. You can followup through the contacts attached, if you and your clients are happy with the consultation, proceed through our safe payment system and get started!
Each coach will have a representative of wellnez in a Whatsapp group. In the current version, all you need to do is tell us which part you want to change, and our team will change it for you, ASAP.
Each payment made by the client will be on our escrow, and will be paid in full to every coach every month on the 1st.
We value the coaches through several things. First, is profile complete enough. Second, How often the coach is active on social media with their page. Third, is how open each coach with our discussions for future development. We cycle featured coaches and programs every week.
No, as long as you are willing to help people reach their health and fitness goals. Our survey proves that 90% of client care more about the coach's attitude. Show it to them through the About Me Blog section!
We cannot enfore each coach to only take client from wellnez. But if the coach is proven to use wellnez services for free and purposely not use the payment system, we will penalize through termination of the wellnez services including the profile and apps.