How to Plant IR Beacon in Call of Duty 4: A Comprehensive Guide


Greetings, fellow gamers! Are you struggling to find your enemies in Call of Duty 4? Well, look no further! In this article, we will guide you on how to plant an IR beacon in Call of Duty 4. An IR beacon will help you locate enemies, making it easier for you to outsmart and defeat them. This may seem like a daunting task, but we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do it. So, gear up and get ready to plant that IR beacon!


Step 1: Choose a class

The first step to planting an IR beacon in Call of Duty 4 is to choose a class that has access to the IR beacon. This can be found in the Support class, under the equipment tab.

Step 2: Equip the IR beacon

Once you have chosen your class, equip the IR beacon in your loadout. This will allow you to use it during the game.

Step 3: Select your game mode

Choose a game mode that allows you to plant the IR beacon, such as Sabotage or Headquarters.

Step 4: Find a suitable location

Look for a location where you can plant your IR beacon that will be hard for your enemies to find. This can be on the wall, behind a crate, or in a corner.

Step 5: Press the button to plant

Approach the selected location and press the button to plant the IR beacon.

Step 6: Hide and wait

Once the IR beacon is planted, hide and wait for your enemies to come within range of the beacon.

Step 7: Locate enemies

Once your enemies come within the range of the beacon, their location will be marked on your map. This will help you find them and take them out.

Step 8: Use the element of surprise

Using the IR beacon will give you the element of surprise, as you will know the location of your enemies before they know yours. Use this to your advantage and take them out before they can react.

Step 9: Continue to use the IR beacon

Continue to use the IR beacon throughout the game to gain an advantage over your enemies.

Step 10: Be careful

Be careful not to give away your own location when using the IR beacon. Make sure to hide and take cover while using it.

Step 11: Watch out for enemy equipment

Watch out for enemy equipment such as Claymores or C4 that can destroy your IR beacon.

Step 12: Stay aware

Stay aware of your surroundings while using the IR beacon. If your enemies become aware that you are using it, they may try to flank you or take you out.

Step 13: Move your IR beacon

If your enemies become aware of the location of your IR beacon, move it to a new location to keep them guessing.

Step 14: Communicate with your team

Communicate with your team about the location of the enemy that you have found using the IR beacon. This will help your team gain an advantage over the enemy.

Step 15: Have fun

Most importantly, have fun while using the IR beacon. It can be a great tool to help you enjoy the game even more.

Explanations and Tips

1. The IR beacon can be used in both offensive and defensive modes.

2. The IR beacon has a range of up to 50 meters, so make sure to place it in a location that maximizes its range.

3. The IR beacon can be useful in revealing the location of planted bombs and objectives.

4. Use the IR beacon in combination with a silencer to remain virtually invisible to your enemies.

5. Always check your surroundings for enemy equipment before planting the IR beacon.

6. Use the perk “SitRep” to detect enemy equipment and destroy any that pose a threat to your IR beacon.

7. Sometimes, it may be better to plant the IR beacon in a location that will alert you of incoming enemies rather than planting it in an area where enemies are already present.

8. Remember to be patient when using the IR beacon. It may take some time for enemies to come within range, so remain calm and wait for the right moment to strike.


Now that you know how to plant an IR beacon in Call of Duty 4, go ahead and try it out for yourself. Remember, using the IR beacon can give you a significant advantage over your enemies, so make sure to use it wisely and with caution. Stay aware of your surroundings and communicate with your team to take full advantage of this tool. Above all, remember to have fun – after all, that’s what gaming is all about!

Strengths and Weaknesses of Planting IR Beacons in Call of Duty 4


1. Increase Tactical Advantage: Planting IR beacons in Call of Duty 4 can help the player gain a tactical advantage by providing visual cues to teammates and objectives. This can lead to better coordination and teamwork, ultimately giving the player a better chance of winning.

2. Better Navigation: By planting an IR beacon in the game, the player can have a better understanding of their surroundings, making it easier to navigate within the map. This can also help in reaching objectives, especially when they are difficult to find.

3. Ambush: The planted IR beacons can act as a trap and help the player ambush their enemies. If the player is well-hidden, they can use the IR beacon to lure enemies into a trap and then strike when the opportunity arises.

4. Distraction: The player can also use the planted IR beacons as a distraction. As the beacon emits a bright light, it can draw the attention of enemies and give the player the element of surprise.


1. Easy to Spot: As the IR beacons are visible to all players, enemies can easily spot them and destroy them. This can be detrimental to the player’s game plan as they would lose the tactical advantage provided by the beacon.

2. Requires Team Coordination: The benefits of planting IR beacons can only be realized if the player’s team is well-coordinated. If the team is not working together, the beacons will not be of much use.

3. Requires Patience: Planting IR beacons requires patience and stealth. If the player is impatient or does not have the necessary stealth skills, they may not be able to plant the beacon effectively, leading to a lost opportunity.

4. Limited Uses: IR beacons have a limited number of uses. Once the beacon is used, it needs to be recharged before it can be used again. This can be a disadvantage in fast-paced games like Call of Duty 4, where the player may not have time to wait for the beacon to recharge.

In summary, planting IR beacons in Call of Duty 4 has its advantages and disadvantages. It can provide a tactical advantage, improve navigation, and act as a distraction or ambush tool. However, it requires coordination, patience, and stealth skills. The beacons are also easy to spot, have limited uses, and can be detrimental if not used effectively. It is up to the player to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether they want to use IR beacons in the game.


How do I plant an IR Beacon in Call of Duty 4?

Planting an IR Beacon in Call of Duty 4 requires certain steps which are:

What is an IR Beacon in Call of Duty 4?

An IR Beacon is a device that allows players to call in air support, which can be critical in winning the match. It is a signaling device that sends a request for air support to friendly pilots.

What do I need to do first before planting an IR Beacon?

Before planting an IR beacon in Call of Duty 4, make sure that your character has the Perk “Bling”. This will allow you to carry two primary weapons and one of them should have a Smoke Grenade.

What are the steps to plant an IR Beacon when I have Bling perk?

1. Equip the weapon with Smoke Grenade

2. Find a good spot that has a clear view of the sky (not obstructed by buildings or trees)

3. Aim and throw the Smoke Grenade to mark the location

4. Switch to your other primary weapon

5. Take out the IR Beacon and plant it at the marked location (press and hold the Use button)

What happens after I plant the IR Beacon?

After the IR beacon is planted, the air support will fly in and follow the smoke to the location where the beacon was planted. A player can call in a variety of air support such as UAV, Airstrike, or Helicopter.

What is the range of IR Beacon in Call of Duty 4?

The range of the IR Beacon in Call of Duty 4 is about 100 meters. It has a limited range, so you should make sure to place it in an area where the friendly plane can access it.

Can I carry multiple IR Beacons in Call of Duty 4?

No, you cannot carry multiple IR Beacons in Call of Duty 4. You can only carry one IR Beacon at a time.

How long does it take for the air support to arrive after I plant the IR Beacon?

The time it takes for the air support to arrive after planting the IR Beacon depends on the type of air support you request. It can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Can enemies destroy my IR Beacon?

Yes, enemies can destroy your IR Beacon. They can destroy it by shooting it or by using explosive devices such as grenades or rockets. It is recommended to plant the beacon in a hidden location to avoid being destroyed.

What perks do I need to get the IR Beacon?

You don’t need any specific perks to get the IR Beacon in Call of Duty 4. It is available to all players in the game.

Where can I find the IR Beacon in Call of Duty 4?

The IR Beacon is part of the default loadout available to all players in every match. It can be found in the secondary weapons list.

Can I use the IR Beacon while I am moving?

Yes, you can use the IR Beacon while you are moving. However, it is recommended to use it when you are in a safe and secure location to avoid being killed.

What are the advantages of using an IR Beacon in Call of Duty 4?

Using an IR Beacon in Call of Duty 4 can provide you with a significant advantage over your enemies. You can call in air support which can distract your enemies, take them out, and help you to complete objectives.

Can the enemy see my IR Beacon on the minimap?

No, the enemy cannot see your IR Beacon on the minimap. However, they can locate it by following the smoke trail.


In conclusion, planting IR beacons in Call of Duty 4 is a useful skill that can greatly benefit both solo and team gameplay. IR beacons can help players to locate enemies and objectives, and also provide them with helpful tactical information such as the placement of enemy spawn points. To plant an IR beacon, the player must first equip the beacon in their inventory and then place it on a suitable surface. Once the beacon is activated, it will emit a signal that can be viewed by other players with IR goggles equipped. While planting IR beacons may seem like a small aspect of gameplay, it can have a large impact on the overall success of a mission.

Learning how to plant IR beacons in Call of Duty 4 may seem like a minor detail in the grand scheme of things, but it can actually be a crucial part of a player’s strategy. Not only can it help players to find objectives and enemies more easily, it can also provide them with valuable tactical information that can give them an edge in combat. By mastering the skill of planting IR beacons, players can become more effective and efficient in their gameplay, leading to more victories and a more enjoyable overall experience. So, while it may take some time and practice to become proficient at planting IR beacons, it is definitely a skill worth learning for any serious Call of Duty 4 player.

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