• Founder of BrothersonBar
  • Host B-FIT Ter-Strong by UMN TV
  • Model and cover for Forte Magazine
  • Calisthenics
  • Body Lifting
  • Build Mass
  • Loss Weight
  • HIIT
  • Strength

I consider myself as a highly energic and fun person especially with people!

I love expanding my relations by meeting with more people and other communities. And my reason why I'm working out it's because I LOVE CHANGES, and I WANT TO CHANGE TO BE A BETTER PERSON and be THE BEST VERSION OF MYSELF. I want to inspire people, i want to help people reaching their goals by teaching them and shares my knowledge and experiences with them. And personally i want my dream job as an athlete or a coach because i found my true capabilities by doing sports and working out. It has changed my life until this day. I want to get paid by doing what i love and what i can. That's all about myself and don't hesitate meeting me and let's make a difference and changes together!

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